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— CCleaner help and info —

  • Will Ccleaner delete important files?

    No- Ccleaner (also known as cc cleaner) is designed to only remove unnecessary files. These are system files that are no longer needed, such as temporary files and cashes, or leftover shortcuts- no original images or documents are targeted. The software can empty the recycle bin, so be aware of anything that has been deleted by accident.

  • Can Ccleaner uninstall programs?

    Ccleaner can be used to uninstall programs. This is essentially an alternative to the default applet found in the Windows control panel, under Add/Remove Programs. The advantage of using Ccleaner for this, aside from having all tools neatly in one place, is that it’s considered faster and more intuitive to use. This function is found under the Tools li of cc cleaner.

  • Can Ccleaner damage my computer?

    Ccleaner has been developed over several years to avoid any unintended damage to your computer. The only potential issue is with user error, particularly in cleaning the registry without a full understanding of how it works. Fortunately, the program accounts for this by letting users create a backup before making any changes. This can be restored afterwards if any programs start to behave unexpectedly.

  • Is Ccleaner safe?

    Yes, Ccleaner is a very safe program, which is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users. The impact of Ccleaner on a system is minimal and it has been refined to only target unnecessary files and potential problems with the filing system. There are several fail-safes to avoid accidental problems, such as backups and warning messages built into the software.

  • Is ccleaner professional worth it?

    Ccleaner Pro is the paid version of this software, which adds a few key upgrades. One is the Auto Updater, allowing the software to update quietly and quickly without the user needing to visit the source site. Pro also has the ability to automatically clean files and history each time a browser is closed, keeping on top of the job at all times. The Pro version can also monitor junk files in real time, keeping everything streamlined. Anyone unsure about the cost can try a free trial before paying.

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