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"Good cleaning tool for novice Mac users"

CCleaner is easy to use optimization utility for your Mac. It cleans traces of users online activity with several clicks. It helps to regain hard disk space. All the applications installed on your Mac are listed under cleaner section. If you no longer need some application - just find it on the list and click uninstall. You can also manage the list of apps that you want to launch upon log in. It helps to control automatic startup of selected apps and boost your log in time. This is pretty useful feature for novice Mac users. However this is unnecessary. You can set up the same thing in Login items(go to system preferences/Users&Groups/Login items ). I found Repair Permissions and Erase Free Space options completely useless. You can do the same with built in Disk Utility application.

  • user friendly interface
  • you can do the same things without installing any application

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12 May 2015

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